Happy New Year?

1 Jan

It’s a new year, and my month of saying goodbye to omni-living has come to a close. I welcome veganism with open arms, because this past month has really just confirmed that animal products are not for me.

It’s very telling that on the first day of my commitment to veganism, I was personally attacked by my father. We were in a heated argument, because I so desperately want a cruelty-free wedding and my parents are having none of it, claiming it’s rude to not offer guests options. There was no reasoning with them, and every attempt at defending my view, my father shut me down by telling me I’m in a cult or acting like a child. It was so frustrating!!! I offered to pay for it myself, and just hold off on getting married for a few years, but they found that even more insulting. There was no way to win, with my father threatening to stop funding my education, I gave up. Having a vegan wedding isn’t worth tearing my family apart, but why is one meal so important to have dead animals? I just don’t understand.

My heart hurts. What would you do if you were in my shoes?


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