Food for Finals

19 Apr

Don’t you love the end of the semester?  Everyone is just so happy and pleasant and definitely not addicted to caffeine….


I have consumed more coffee in the past few weeks than I think I have in my entire life.  I cannot wait to get off the junk and back to my tea, but finals is not the time to deal with withdrawal symptoms.  I’ve been making the rounds, and can honestly say, if you want the best latte of your life, head to Bricks & Scones on Larchmont and get “The Norma.”  It’s made with almondmilk, doesn’t taste like diabetes, and digests like a DREAM.  No upset stomach to speak of.  Apparently they serve LAMILL?  Amazing.  The soy latte at Peet’s is also a contender, since it’s not sweet, but it’s still fairly acidic.   Opt for Norma.

Moo Shu Veggies

I haven’t had the energy to play around in the kitchen lately, but I did manage to make Moo Shu Veggies from Chef Chloe‘s new cookbook, Chloe’s Kitchen.  She is SO CUTE, I can’t stand it.  The book is filled with a whole range of recipes, from comfort food to light and healthy, from fancypants to weeknight dinners.  I simplified the moo shu by opting not to make my own pancakes, and instead using packaged tortillas.  Not authentic, but still good!  I also used a coleslaw mix to avoid having to chop cabbage and carrots.  With those two cheats, the moo shu came together with ease, and I’ve been enjoying delicious leftovers for a week – it’s been keeping just fine!  It’s so easy to reheat on the skillet and assemble, I’m able to eat a healthy and filling meal between running to class and getting projects finished.  So if you’re in the throes of finals like me, take some time to cook on Sunday, and eat all week without a care in the world.  Pretty good trade off.

So yeah, I’ve been subsisting off moo shu and take-out vegetable curry leftovers for the past week, but the end is in sight.


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